River Anchor System on the Cheap

If you’re like me, you want to take shorter floats and stop often while river fishing. As Soon As I hook a handful of nice bass from the same spot I like to stop and get a lot more casts in. Some of the nicer inflatable pontoon boats come with excellent anchor systems already installed but my own didn’t. My inflatable pontoon came with a light duty pulley, rope, and a mess bag which I ripped on my very first river float. I’m sure this might be acceptable for a pond or lake from where the water doesn’t move but on a river it simply doesn’t endure.

Inflatable Pontoon Boats

I’m preparing to provide you with the way I made an anchor system for my inflatable pontoon boat for approximately $30 using some a few things I acquired from my regional hardware and sporting goods stores.

This is what you will need:

• Rope Ratchet

• Two 3/8 inch Pulleys

• 25 feet of 3/8 inch Rope

• 3 Hose Clamps

• Kayak or float tube Anchor

The Rope Ratchet is a pulley which allows rope to be pulled through it in one direction and not in the other. It is customarily used to tie things down or pull things up. It features a release switch that will free it up allowing for the rope to go in both directions. You push the release dropping your anchor and let off of it to lock the rope as the anchor hits the bottom.

Initially you need to find a spot to mount the Rope Ratchet in front of your inflatable pontoon boat. It will need to be out of the way however in a spot where you could reach it effortlessly. I choose to position mine at the end of the right foot rest on my inflatable pontoon. I used hose clamps to secure the Rope Ratchet in position. My boat is beginning to show its age and I am more focused on function than look. If you want a nicer appearance you can drill your tubing and secure it by using a bolt or use some type of tubing clamp from a sail boat supplier. Should you choose to drill your frame decide on a spot that doesn’t support a good deal of weight because it will weaken it.

Next, you need to mount your rear pulley. This is the point that most of the pressure is going to be on while your boat is anchored so choose a sturdy spot. I choose to mount mine on the center of the rear rail of my frame. My inflatable pontoon boat already had an eye bolt there for that other system that came with it therefore I just installed a better pulley onto it. Now it’s time to mount your next pulley. To find the best position for it thread your rope through the first pulley you've got mounted, through the second pulley, and at last through the Rope Ratchet. Try to find an area on your frame where you could mount the pulley so your rope will not hang on anything. If it rubs the frame in a place or two that will be fine as long as it doesn’t hang. You'll be able to mount it using a hose clamp also or any technique for your choosing. The very last thing to accomplish would be to tie your anchor on and you are ready for some river fishing!

Inflatable Pontoon Boats


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